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A share of the Family Garden

2.21.15this week's share

I bought a CSA (community supported agriculture) share again this year from the Family Garden, an organic farm in Gilchrist county. CSAs create a partnership between the farmer and the consumer. Members pay up front for 32 weeks of produce - usually between 6 and 10 items. This arrangement is meant to benefit both parties; members share the risk inherent in farming and provide money up front to help with the labor, supplies and equipment needed at that stage. In exchange they also share in the harvest, be it a  bumper crop - or not.  It averages out to $23/week.

It has definitely been a good deal for me so far - and challenged me some too (I probably would not have purchased a rutabaga otherwise). The extra benefit I get from buying from the Family Garden is that it is certified under the Agricultural Justice Project, which means farm workers receive a fair wage and benefits. This is a very good bang for the buck. I am looking forward to another week of this healthy food, grown in a manner that honors the land and the people who work it. 

This week, I'll post a few recipes for this gorgeous stuff - including Beets Balsamico (developed by one of our Farm to School staff), and something to do with that rutabaga.