Hot summer lunch


Sidewalk blossoms 2
As you awaken, before you leave your bed,
talk with yourself, say
All you must do this day
is face what comes
calmly, curiously
with wonder.

    The squabbling children
    A sudden illness
    The lost dog
    Misplaced keys
    The dripping faucet
    The possibility of death

Widen your eyes
brush off sleep
scan, focus, notice
nod assent.

    The fledgling mockingbird flapping at the edge of the garden
    Its mother on the post
    The cheerful wandering of portulaca seeking sun
    An anonymous thumbs-up
    Crepe myrtle petals drifted along a sidewalk crack
    A car radio blasting a line of your song
    Your short shadow at noon
    The slanting sun through the blinds at five, dust changing to glitter

Ask then what will sustain you
What to swallow
how to move
what to seek
with whom to stand 
to face this day.

Ask your god
the universe,
a neighbor  
or your children
for mercy.

Now arise


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Who wrote this Kelli? It is beautiful.


I've shared this poem--with attribution--on my blog. Thank you for sharing.

Peace to you and grace,

Bro. Love (http://whatdoesthelordask.wordpress.com/2011/06/06/simple-guest-poetry/)

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