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Our young friend's goats are producing again and we are in on the cheese.  During March we have enjoyed so far pesto, garlic chive, and my favorite – jalapeno! I love supporting a budding local cheese provider as well as having this local source of deliciousness.  These are some of the ways we’ve used it this week:

The traditional way – We produce a lot of bread at our house and serve it in a small bowl on the table in place of butter. I particularly loved it on this week’s oatmeal-pumpernickel .

In salad – Strategically placed bits of cheese in a lettuce salad, tossed with vinaigrette, creates a wonderful, creamy dressing.

In soup – A tiny spoonful of garlic and chive cheese topped my  bowl of curried garbanzo and greens soup this week. Yum.

In the past – Here’s a great little salad we are looking forward to serving up again this spring and summer.

[And, added since this post - Pizza with Goat Cheese Chocolate Goat Cheese Brownies, and Grown-up Grilled Cheese - so many possibilities...] 

Fresh, local goat cheese is also available at local farmers markets. While often designated “for pet consumption only” as a way to get around unnecessary laws governing milk production (which will hopefully be repealed before long), it is safe and delicious. As always, get to know those who produce your food! It’s our best assurance of health and safety – and farmers and “goatherds” are generally lovely people to get to know.

Our source may be able to squeeze in a few more weekly orders, if you are local (Gainesville, Florida) and would like to pick up at our house - $5/half-pound.  Just send me an email (see right sidebar)


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